Friday, January 18th, 2019

Putting Butter In Your Coffee


Putting Butter In Your Coffee

You’ve probably heard about the latest craze of putting butter in your coffee instead of milk…

But before you go off and start chucking any old fat into your morning coffee try this:


There are 3 things you should know about putting butter in your coffee.

The first is that the world hasn’t gone insane.

The second is that you need to make sure you use UN-salted butter.

(You’d be surprised how many people give themselves a nasty shock at 6am!)

The third is… if you are going to use butter in your coffee for it’s health benefits then you should ONLY use butter produced by grass fed cows.

… and the very best butter you can get is the creamy Irish butter from the Kerrygold cows.

Find out more here:


If you’re currently thinking Yuk—no way!

Then you should know that hardly a single person I know who’s tried the bulletproof method of making coffee (that took the above advice—see #2) hasn’t loved it.

And of course, with Bulletproof coffee you get the added high of drinking some of the purest coffee on the planet…

You have to drink it to believe it…

If moldy toxic coffee is your thing then by all means carry on as you are.

But if you can get your head around butter in coffee you can operate at peak performance every day…and lose weight in the process (more on that in the next email).

Check out Bulletproof coffee you’ll love it. >>>

PS: Remember UNSALTED grass fed butter!

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